“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computation or algorithms: it is about UNDERSTANDING.” 

― William Paul Thurston

At Coopers Lane, we begin our journey as mathematicians in Early Years. We use inside our classroom and the outside areas to explore what numbers mean using the counting principles. We listen to stories based around numbers and engage with the Numberblocks characters as we investigate numbers up to 5. We are encouraged to start reasoning and problem solving using mathematical talk.

As we progress through the school, we continue to gain a deeper understanding of number and how different operations link to each other. We use a Concrete (objects) – Pictorial (drawings) – Abstract (formal methods) approach to learning new concepts which allows everyone to succeed and boosts our confidence in explaining our methods. We are encouraged to use technical mathematical vocabulary from the start of our journey and love to share what we have learnt with others.

When you walk into a maths lesson at Coopers Lane, you will see Marvellous Mathematicians who show a growth mindset as they learn new concepts, and show our school value of perseverance as we reason and problem solve. We mostly all work on the same objectives, with support for those who need it, and extra challenges for those who grasp something more quickly. With our hands on and practical approach, we have a love of maths and become life-long learners. 

At Coopers Lane, we view Maths as a building project. Each new thing that we learn builds upon something we have learnt before. As we learn more, our foundations become stronger and our building grows taller . 

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

 ― Albert Einstein


Year Group Overviews

Mental Maths

 Our mental maths focus for each phase is:

  • In KS1 the focus will be on counting, number bonds and other number skills
  • In lower KS2 the focus will be on times tables and linked division facts
  • In upper KS2 the focus will be on fractions, decimals, percentages, square and prime numbers


Knowledge Organisers

We have created amazing knowledge organisers for each area of maths which summarise the key knowledge that children should know and the methods that they should be able to use independently by the end of each maths unit. You can access them here.

Download our calculation policy here. These will show you the strategies we use to teach the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and how the learning progresses as the children deepen their understanding.


Assessment is continuous throughout the year, allowing for children who need targeted support to be identified. The children are assessed against each of the taught objectives and there are a range of White Rose materials that we use to support this process of teacher judgement, including the end of block and end of term tests (where appropriate).


These taught objectives have been organised into bands which reflect the year group, for example Band 1 is the end of year expectation for children in Year 1.

Band 1      Band 2      Band 3       Band 4      Band 5       Band 6

Useful websites

Here are some great websites to help with all areas of Maths.

Parent/Carer Workshops

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