(Special Education Needs and Disabilities)

At Coopers Lane we are committed to inclusive practice and pursuing the best outcomes for all pupils. We can offer the following provision to support children with Special Educational Needs/Disability, dependent on their individual needs. We offer

* An extremely well-resourced SEND space (Bond Street) where individual children and small groups of pupils receive additional teaching according to need

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* Our own sensory room which is themed termly and used to develop language acquisition and extend children’s vocabulary

* Visual timetables in every class. Individual visual timetables for specific children as appropriate

* In-class workstations to promote independence and provide a low stimuli focus areaDifferentiation of planning, tasks and activities to accommodate the individual needs of all childrencoopers_lane_2015 (30 of 249)-30

* A variety of opportunities for children to work collaboratively including whole class, small group and paired tasks

* Individual learning targets set for every child; additional targets set for children with a statement of SEND/Educational Health Care Plan

* Multisensory opportunities based on a range of learning styles including auditory, visual and kinaesthetic approaches

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* Displays to celebrate children’s work, working walls and multisensory interactive displays

* Tactile resources and artefacts are available for hands-on learning

* An interactive whiteboard and a class set of iPads are available in each classroom; each class is also timetabled to work in the computing suite once a week

* Group rooms are available and timetabled for additional intervention work across all key stage

The local authority are holding parent and carer drop-in sessions at Kaleidoscope in June 2023, for any parent or carer with a child who has a disability or additional needs. You can find more information here.


Centre for the Deaf

Coopers Lane Centre for the Deaf provides school places for children from across the borough. We are unique as we are the only primary school in Lewisham that caters for deaf pupils who need a ‘Total Communication Approach.’ Our children are profoundly deaf and have a severe language delay, often having no access to speech at all when they first arrive. We work closely with St Thomas’ Hospital and Speech and language Therapists (SALT).

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Within the HIU the children work with the Teacher of the Deaf (TOD); Communication Support Workers (CSW) and Signing Teaching assistants (STA). Most of the school day is spent in their mainstream class supported by their CSW or STA. Occasionally the TOD will support in class but mainly works in Unit with the children.

As a ‘Total Communication Unit’ we will use any methods to help the pupils, this could include speech; British Sign Language (BSL); Sign Supported English (SSE); Visual cues; gesture; Multi sensory etc. Often it will be a combination of several of these. coopers_lane_2015 (17 of 249)-17 It is important that this approach is also followed in class and all lessons are made as practical and multi sensory as possible. Due to the severe language delay it is important that all lessons are enhanced with visual cues. The staff from the centre sign all lessons when necessary either from the front of the room or next to the child. They will also check the child’s understanding of new vocabulary.

Contacting the School

Coopers Lane Primary School is situated in Grove Park in the borough of Lewisham. The entrance to the school is in Pragnell Road, SE12 0LF

School Times

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School Office

Telephone: 0208 857 7680

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