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London Bridge

Teacher: Poppy Williams*

TA: Nurain Suhaimi

Tower Hill

Teacher: Lesley-Ann Brown

TA: Tracey Jeffrey

Green Park

Teacher: Lettisha Baldwin

TA: Christine Paynter

*Year Group Leader

Supporting your child

There are lots of different ways you could support your child in their learning this half term. Here are just a few ways:


Practise their spellings every week to support their Phonics. For more guidance on supporting your child with their Phonics see our Phonics letter.


Our top websites for supporting the children with their Maths are,

Sumdog – great for all areas of the curriculum and for targeted questioning for each individual child.

Top Marks – great for practising number facts, number bonds, the four operations, mental maths and all areas of the Y1 curriculum!

ICT games – a range of interactive games to support all areas of the Maths curriculum.


For more specific objectives, see the information and website links below.

Practise basic addition and subtraction using objects. Try totals up to 10 and then extend beyond this if your child is ready. Adding two numbersCounting on on a number lineSimple take awayCounting back on a number line.

Count steps on the stairs, around the house or time taken to complete a short activity. Count in 1s forwards and backwards; Enter in the missing number.

Count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Fairies in the Fog (2s); Fairies in the Fog (5s); Fairies in the Fog (10s).

Practise reading and writing numbers up to 100.

Identify and use number bonds to 10, for example, 4 + 6 = 10. Alien Number BondsSave the Whale Number BondsLadybird Number Bonds.

Be 2D (circle, rectangle, square, triangle) and 3D (sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cube, cuboid, cone) shape spotters when you are out and about. 2D shape reveal; Shapes shoot; 3D shape find.

Read the time to the o’clock and half hour. Hickory Dickory Dock making times.

Talk about where things are in your house using positional language (on top of, behind, beside/ next to, underneath, in front of, above, between, top, middle, bottom) Position the objects.

Talk about the height and length of members of your family. Comparing heights of animals. Comparing lengths of animals.

When going shopping or cooking, discuss the weights of different items. Comparing animal weights. Mr Pip’s Fruit Balance.

At bath time, explore the capacity of different containers.

Contacting the School

Coopers Lane Primary School is situated in Grove Park in the borough of Lewisham. The entrance to the school is in Pragnell Road, SE12 0LF

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School Office

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